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3 tips to integrate social media and news media

Today, most organizations have a social media presence. Social media allows you to cultivate a group of fans or followers who are truly interested in your organization.

But if you want to extend your reach to a broader audience or even others in your industry, coverage of your organization in traditional news media can help you do exactly that.

Here are three tips to help you use social media to gain more coverage in the news media:

1. Make the right connections… and listen! Many reporters and editors are now using social media. Find journalists in news media outlets that cover your region and industry. Follow their tweets and blog posts, and know what they are writing about. Use social media to learn their interests and the types of stories they cover.

2. Become a valuable resource. Point out to a reporter if something that’s relevant to your industry or region is generating a great deal of activity on social media. The journalist may want to check it out as a potential story. But make sure the activity affects the journalist’s audience in some way.

3. Fill the news hole. Today, there are many opportunities to earn news media coverage of your organization – if you know how. Just as cable news ushered in the 24-hour news cycle in the 1990s, social media has ramped up the quantity and pace of news coverage. That means journalists need information and story ideas for their tweets and blogs. On Twitter, follow hashtags on trending topics in your industry, then take the conversation with a journalist offline by sending an email with your take on events. Point reporters to your blog (if you have one) or Facebook fan page, and be a good source of information not just on your business, but on your industry.

Coverage in the news media can expose your organization – and your message – to others who might want to follow you, purchase your product, or become involved in your effort.

And, of course, we all know that to be effective you need to reach your audience as many times as possible, using as many communication channels as possible.

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A recipe for getting your message out

The Daily News

What is the right mix of social and traditional media to use in public relations outreach?

Should you forgo news media in favor of communicating through social media? Can a tweet or Facebook post replace a news release?

The answer comes down to one simple factor: reaching your audience.

PR, marketing and communications professionals all want to deliver specific messages to their audience. They then want their audience to understand, remember, and act on those messages.

Will you reach every potential customer, donor, stakeholder, business partner, taxpayer, etc. using just one channel of communications? Probably not.

Do most organizations have the reach they need on social media to communicate with the constituencies that are important to them? How effectively you reach your audience via social media depends in large part on the size and composition of your following, as well as your ability to get retweets, likes and other interactions. Reaching an audience through social media can be hit or miss, but when you do, social media gives you the ability to interact with your audience online.

Traditional news media outlets still have the audience and credibility. Look at the number of Twitter followers for CNN Breaking News (over 13 million), The New York Times (more than 9 million), Wall Street Journal (greater than 3 million), and the Washington Post (over 2 million). That does not include the number of people who read these news outlets in print and online.The best communications programs use a mix of vehicles to communicate.

So the next time you’re looking to get the word out, go ahead and throw some social and traditional media into your communications blender, mix, and serve.

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