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Are you a good spokesperson for your business?

Media coverage can generate greater awareness of your business and enhance your credibility (since you are being cited as an industry expert). But when the media calls, who should speak on behalf of your business?

If you have a designated communications person, that’s great. But if you’re running a small business, you probably don’t have someone dedicated just to media relations. And often, the media will want to interview you, the small business owner, anyway.

So, how do you prepare to meet the press? Follow these 3 rules to put your best foot forward:

Rule #1: Know your stuff. Because you own the business, you most likely already possess one of the most important characteristics of a good spokesperson: you know your business – and your industry – inside and out.

Rule #2: Know your audience. To whom are you speaking during the interview? You should know the audience of the media outlet. Is it a local television station that reaches the general public in your geographic region? Or is it an online trade publication that serves a more technical audience? Most importantly, know how the media outlet’s audience matches up with your customer base.

Rule #3: Know your message. What do you want your audience to remember? You should always go into a media interview with three key points that you want to communicate to your audience (and to the journalist). Emphasize those points throughout the interview by repeating them and coming back to them if necessary.

Follow these 3 rules and you should be on your way to representing your business well.

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When a crisis unexpectedly hits…

Can you really prepare in advance for a crisis? A crisis can occur unexpectedly and take many forms — financial issues, industrial accidents, community opposition, employee actions, and many others.

Business and nonprofit leaders must know how to react in a crisis, especially if the crisis is public. In fact, how you respond to a crisis can be more important than the crisis itself. But a crisis presents unique communication challenges. Events happen quickly. The pace of communications can be swift.

Your organization should be the best source of information about what is happening. Honesty and transparency should be your guiding communication principles. You can anticipate how you might react in a crisis. Our latest info-graphic provides tips for communicating in a crisis. Keep this handy and hopefully, you will never need it.

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